Gluten-Free Chocolate Sprinkles Recipe

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Doing what I do best while on the internet, I found a recipe for chocolate sprinkles on BraveTart! I haven’t tried it yet, but if you get to do before I do, let me know how that goes 🙂 You can either click on the link or the photo to get the recipe.. or keep scrolling as I’ve copied it for you!

Chocolate Sprinkles
5 ounce powdered sugar
1 1/4 ounces cocoa, Dutch or natural
1 ounce water or chocolate liquor, I love Mozart
1 ounce vanilla
1/2 tsp kosher salt
1/2 tsp instant coffee

  1. For the prettiest (and easiest!) sprinkles, you’ll need a piping bag fit with a multi-opening tip, I adore #134 but #89 works too. You can alternately use a small, plain tip or a parchment cone; it just takes a bit longer to pipe the sprinkles one line at a time. Also, have two sheet pans lined with parchment paper set aside.
  2. Using a hand or stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, combine all of the ingredients and beat on low speed until the powdered sugar has been thoroughly moistened. Turn the speed up to medium and beat until the mixture forms a smooth, homogenous paste.
  3. Scrape the bowl and beater down with a rubber spatula and beat for another minute to ensure no lumps remain. Even a small lump will clog your pastry tip and cause no end of frustration during piping, so take care to mix enough to destroy all lumps.
  4. Transfer the chocolate paste to the piping bag and pipe into long rows on the parchment lined sheet pans. If you need to take a break, just cover the piping tip with a damp paper towel to prevent the paste from crusting over and clogging up the tip.
  5. Place the trays of chocolate somewhere safe from kids, pets, and debris and let air dry for 24 hours.
  6. After twenty four hours, use a bench scraper to scrape up all the chocolate lines from the parchment by holding it at a 45° angle against the first row of sprinkles then gently pushing forward. Gather up the chocolate sticks into a bundle and chop them into sprinkle sized bits.
  7. Store in an airtight container indefinitely. Use with caution, they’re habit forming.

OOO!!! If you check out BraveTart‘s blog, there’s even a link to rainbow sprinkles recipe.. both soft and crunchy!!


HI bernation

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I’m back. Contemplating a few changes, but.. I’m back 🙂

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i really really really want.

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a book literally full of flavor, awesome! click the photo to see the blog post i found it on!

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i want it.

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a photo i saved from a website i can’t remember.

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I don’t remember where I saved this photo from, but I hope my future pantry looks as organized as the photo above. ❤